Digital Music Library ($10/hour)

Many people have thousands of songs on their computer. Nearest Publishing can organize all of your music files into folders. Although we can organize them however you wish, it is suggested that you organize your files into Artists and Albums. If you have a classical collection, we will separate your collection into Performers and Composers and then Albums.

If you would like these files to be ordered into playlists, we can do that as well. Usually playlists are separated by genre, but again, they can be organized however you wish.

Metadata, digital information, can also be added to your files. This information includes fields such as album, artist, song title, year, track number and genre. If the information cannot be retrieved automatically through a program such as iTunes, then we will try to use your CDs, cases, liner notes, etc. to type in the missing information. A database of your files and their metadata can also be created at your request.

Your files will be temporarily transferred to an external hard drive - we will not delete your original files. If you have the original CDs and liner notes, those will be collected - they will be returned to you once everything is complete. From that hard drive, we will organize everything and set up playlists using whatever music player you are comfortable with. Once everything is completed, we will transfer everything back to your computer.