The programming can be split further into the navigation, or layout, which usually remains the same on every page, and the individual pages, which contain information, photographs, lists, charts, etc.

Primarily using (X)HTML, the programming is written directly - no visual editor is used, so the programmer has complete control over exactly how your website will look. And each option is priced separately so that you can control how much you want to spend. And no matter how many pages you have, included in the cost of the programming is the creation of an icon (which often appears in your browsers address bar), code validation, multiple browser testing, metadata (which can aid in search engine optimization), sitemap submission to Google, and Google's Webmaster Tools.

Page Design ($10-$50/page)

After the general layout is created, the individual pages to your website are created. Each page is different and unique, and it is entirely up to you what you want to show and how you want to show it. Each page is priced individually so that you can choose as many or as few pages as you like, and you can add pages at any time at the same rate. Options and pricing are listed below.

$10 - Basic Page (Ex:

A basic web page consists only of text in a paragraph format, although it may also contain lists. Also, if you have several pages that have the exact same layout but different information (i.e. employee bio pages), the first page will be the appropriate fee and all additional pages will be $10.00.

$20 - Graphic Page (Ex:

A graphic page consists of images and text in a paragraph format. The cost of a graphic page includes any minor image editing that needs to be done, including scanning.

$35 - Design Page (Ex:

A design page also consists of images and text, but instead of a paragraph format, the items are in lists or columns.

$50 - Dynamic Page (Ex:

A dynamic page may consist of either images or text. This sort of web page includes dynamic effects, such as changing colors or the sudden appearance of items, within the content of the page.

Extras ($10-$35)

Listed below are website extras - these are things like galleries, forums, etc. that often require an outside service and a great deal of time in the initial set-up and in on-going maintenance. These are priced per service rather than per page as each service can consist of several pages.

If you do not see here something that you know you want on your website, do not hesitate to ask. We will make every attempt to give you exactly what you want.

$10 - Custom Error Pages (Ex:

If a user types in a wrong url within your site, they are usually given a generic error message. Other errors may also occur. The creation of customized error pages keeps the user within your site by maintaining the navigation and keeping the error within the body of the page. Otherwise, the user actually leaves your site and has to hit the Back button to return to it. The cost includes customizing all four of the follwoing errors - 400, 401, 403 and 404.

$10 - User Sitemap (Ex:

Some websites are very user-friendly and easy to navigate. However, some become quite complex very quickly. A user sitemap becomes very handy if you think users might have a difficult time finding something in particular. A link to the sitemap is often on every page in an inconspicuous place like the footer.

$35 - Contact Form (Ex:

If you think users are going to want to contact you via e-mail, it is highly recommended that you use a contact form rather than simply listing e-mails. Using a contact form has several advantages, but the primary one is that spammers love e-mail addresses and can read them very easily. This sort of form still sends an e-mail to the correct contact person, but eliminates the ease that spammers would otherwise have in finding your e-mail address.

$35 - RSS Feed Display (Ex:

RSS feeds are used by many social media outlets. Information from these feeds can be displayed on your website, keeping it current with the most up-to-date information.

$35 - PayPal Setup (Ex:

You may be interested in selling items or having registration forms. eCommerce is a great way to do that via your website. We currently use Paypal for all eCommerce since it is wellknown and trusted by many, but there can be many extra fees in using Paypal depending on how involved you want your eCommerce to be. There is also a percentage taken out of every transaction, so that must be taken into account as well. This is another option that requires occasional ongoing maintenance.

$35 - MailChimp Template (

Many organizations use MailChimp to power their eMarketing campaigns. MailChimp has many templates that you can use, but we can customize any of those templates to match the design and style of your website.

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